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20 Haunted Hotels You Don’t Want To Visit

There are very few places in the world that have absorbed as much emotion as hotels, they see joy of families on vacation to the desperation of drug dealers and prostitutes alike. From terrifying spirits who appear behind visitors in the rooms they sleep in, to a white-haired bellhop helping guests only to vanish before they have a chance to tip him, we take a look at 20 Haunted Hotels you DON’T want to visit! Click Here To Subscribe! http://bit.ly/xWackyWednesday


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Oban Hotel – Hollywood, CA

oban hotelMany celebrities stayed at this hotel in its heyday, but the place is haunted by a stuntman and double for actor Harry Langdon. The man’s name was Charles Love and he is joined in his afterlife performance by several other unidentified spirits, including a few other male ghosts, a female ghost, and a very sinister presence in the basement. The hotel is on Yucca Street near vine in Hollywood.

Julian Hotel – Julian, CA

julian-hotelOpened more than 100 years ago, Julian Hotel was built by freed slaves Albert and Margaret Robinson in 1897. 

Apparently they loved the place so much, they decided never to leave.  Their spirits most often appear in the upstairs rooms, where lace doilies and furniture get  mysteriously rearranged.  A maid recently caught a glimpse of Albert, with a pipe in his mouth, in a mirror in one of the rooms.

The town of Julian is in San Diego County. 


Find out more about Julian Hotel at its official website.

Clawson House Inn – Bisbee, AZ

haunted-clawson-houseThe Clawson House Inn was built by a mine manager in 1895.  It was originally a mansion and the private residence of the Clawson family.   A bitter labor dispute in the late 1890’s caused the mining company to bring in scabs across the picket lines  in order to continue the mining.  Three of these men were staying at the Clawson House Inn and were killed by the striking miners.  Their spirits seem to be trapped in the house.  Additionally, Mrs. Clawson’s kind spirit still remains. 

The Clawson house is located at 116 Clawson Avenue in Bisbee.